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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Some Jubilee styled singing circa 1949.


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Sometimes, you are just lucky. I like to go to estate sales and from time to time there are some 78's to dig through. On this occasion, there were two 78's 'books' filled with records. Some Artie Shaw, Sinatra, Doris Day...etc. Basic post war pop. But then, midway though the second book I came across this fine jubilee styled gospel record.

The Lincoln Gospel Singers on the Regent label. It appears they released two records on this label. These songs were recorded November 3rd, 1949. The members of the group include: Thomas Delaney and Albert Bell (lead), Johnny Hatcher (tenor), Elton Moore (baritone), Clarence Driskel (bass) and Clarence Driskel (guitar).

I am always partial to the jubilee styled quartets and this record is a fine example of that type of singing. Apparently they started recording in 1944 as the Heavenly Four of Alabama. Then in 1945 they cut some sides as the Heavenly Gospel Singers on the Manor label. This can make things somewhat confusing as there was a quartet called the Heavenly Gospel Singers in the 1930's and early 1940's that also sang jubilee style and were quite popular. 

Anyway, this record was a great fine and in great condition. A trip to an estate sale that was well worth the effort. Enjoy!

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