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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Harmoneers Quartet - 1952

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Here we have the first Bibletone release of The Harmoneers Quartet. The Bibletone label was always a bit squirrelly regarding their numbering system. Each group got their own number series. The Harmoneers were the 8000 series, The Waldo Singers from 1950 (posted previously) were 2100 (only to have the series taken over by the Sunshine Boys at 1953), the Homeland Harmony Quartet (again, posted previously) were in the 6000 series. Why this record starts at 8003 is anyones guess. No files from the label remain. I spent quite some time looking for the first three records.....that don't exist. What a mess.......

This record dates from 1952. The Harmoneers Quartet would cut 46 sides for the label between this start, and 1955. Previously, they had been recording on the RCA Victor label. They recorded there from 1946 to 1952. Their first records for the RCA folks were more solemn and hymn-like in nature. Then, the later sides started to pick up the pace. By the time they were on Bibletone, they were in full Gospel Boogie mode. 

It is interesting to see the ad to the left talk about the fast rise of popularity of 'modern gospel music'. That was indeed the case. As the tempos quickened, so did the sales. Quartets in the early 1950's saw their popularity, and record sales, go through the roof. By the early 1960's, Billboard was devoting a whole section of each magazine to gospel music. As it turns out, this record did not receive a mention, nor did any other Bibletone release, in 1952. Not sure what that was all about. The record is a great one and the Harmoneers were one of the great quartets of the era.

So, enjoy The Harmoneers Quartet as they sing about the Heavenly Parade!


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  2. Bibletone 8001 and 8002 were by Cowboy Phil and the Golden West Girls. I only know this because I have those two records. 8001: A Wonderful Time Up There/The Silent Giver; 8002: The Golden Train/Beyond the Sunset.