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Monday, July 30, 2012

The Gibson Family Singers - 1957

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Here is a very nice RCA custom pressing 45 that dates from 1957. It features The Gibson Family Singers, about which I know nothing. One interesting detail is the name 'Howard Bramlett' that is listed under the name of the group. It is not the most common name out there...and it shows up again on a Starday custom record, number 520, with a pair of gospel songs. Is he any relation to the Howard Bramlett listed on this 45? Since I don't have that record, I have no idea. Why is his name even on the record? I understand the 'H.T. Gibson', presumably the song writer, but the other? Was he the leader of the group? Perhaps someone else can help...

In the meantime, enjoy this finely rhythmic record by The Gibson Family Singers.

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  1. They also recorded for BRC # 1024 (Broadcast Record Company) . The label was based in Cleveland, Tennessee on a 78 rpm 'Holy Jesus' was the A Side the flip was by a W.A. Newsom.