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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

One more river.....

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 Released in 1953, this was the fourth Bibletone release by The Crusaders Quartet. They had a total of eight releases on Bibletone and two on the Bullet label out of Nashville, circa 1950. This Heart of Mine is a bit of a standard and is well done here. The standout for me is One More River. The arrangement is very different then your average southern gospel record from the era....or any era for that matter. With its pounding drum and minor key feel. Quite a nice that Billboard seemed to like as well:
Here are some ads from 1953 showing some of their show dates. The first shows them playing with The Happy Two. I will be posting some items from this group, billed as the worlds only two man quartet! As an interesting aside, one of the two members of this group, Leroy Abernathy, was the author of "Gospel Boogie", the namesake of this blog.

Sadly, there would be no more shows with Bobby Strickland. He died in a car accident at age 33 on September 24, 1953.

With the death of Bobby Strickland, the leader and distinctive  tenor singer, The Crusaders soon disbanded. Some of the members went on to form The Harvesters Quartet. They were an excellent group in their own right and will be highlighted on this page sometime in the future.

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