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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Off to the Bahamas....

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Well, I am going off the mainland a bit here, but this fits right in. From the Bahamas we have Evangelist J. J. Stubbs & The Region Bells of Nassau. I know nothing about this group or record. It is something I came across on eBay sometime ago and I took a chance. Something about the cover struck me as a record that was not quite in sync with its time. Being a stereo record, I am guessing it is late 1960's, but could just as well have been from the 30's. A little digging around online seems to show that there is still a group using the name "Region Bells" and that Mr. Stubbs is still singing. The guitar player in the picture is Evangelist Stubbs. The back of the LP states that the alto singer of the group, Mr. George Arthur, is often referred to as "The spaceman for high pitch alto voice". Well, there you go.....

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