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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It is July 25th, 1948 and you are tuned into WAGA in Atlanta.....

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Well, if it was 9am on July 25th, 1948...a Sunday morning, and you had tuned into WAGA, AM 590 on your Atlanta radio dial, this is what you would have been listening to. The Homeland Harmony Quartet in all their "live on the radio" glory. This track is taken from a transcription disc cut at the radio station. Recorded on July 15th of 1948, this disc was meant to be played 10 days later and then discarded. This is a one off disc, 16" in diameter. I have taken one of the five songs that are on the disc and included some radio chatter the proceeds and follows the song. This is the same group that recorded "Gospel Boogie" a year before on the White Church label. While not as polished as the records, this recording has a much clearer sound and is about as good as you will ever hear them from this era. This side of the disc is actually a second attempt at the show. On the other side they attempted to close the show with the song "Keep On The Firing Line" but things fell apart so they re-recorded the whole show.


  1. would like to hear the train wreck on the flip side!

  2. I will be posting that John. Funny thing is, Conner Hall basically predicts that it would happen before they kick it off...