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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Blue Ridge Quartet on Stateswood

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Here is a favorite song from a favorite quartet. It is the Blue Ridge Quartet on the Stateswood label. Stateswood was a joint venture of the Statesmen Quartet and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. The record dates from about 1960. The Blue Ridge Quartet first started recording in around 1950 and continued performing until the 1970's. This song is a bit unique when compared to most gospel quartet groups from this time because of the use of a lead guitar with an extended break. Just when you think it will end, it picks up and keeps going. Because of that break, this record has shown up on a few CD gospel collections over the years. It is a good one....


  1. One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite quartets. This was also released on the Sing label.

    That blazing guitar solo was played by none other than the famous Arthur Smith. Mr. Smith wrote many gospel songs, but is probably best known for writing "Dueling Banjos".

  2. Is the Sing copy as bad sounding as this one? This must have been cut at some low end radio station. I do agree about the so though, it is one of their best. Besides this, their Gotham material is my favorite. I did not know that Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith was the man on the strings. Good to know!