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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ms. Elestine McDaniels

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Here is a fine record from Elestine McDaniels. Another great West Virginia gospel record, this one, with it's haunting call and response, is a classic. This is a 4 song EP and was recorded in the mid-1960's. There is a number on both the dead wax and label that is very RCA custom looking, and would date it to 1965 which would be appropriate, but it is hand written in the dead wax. Were all RCA custom records stamped? Perhaps someone could shed some light on that subject. But in the end, the year does not matter. This is a heartfelt performance that still has the power to move even with all the crackle and hiss. Ms. McDaniels recorded 2-3 records in total and was on the radio with a live show for many years. Thank you Ms. McDaniels for this heartfelt song.....

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