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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Rangers Quartet

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Here is a record of the month by The Rangers Quartet which was released in 1950. The Rangers were the premier group of the early 1940's and remained strong into the early 1950's. Their bass singer, Arnold Hyles, was THE bass singer of the era ('Big' Jim Waites being right up there), and he was the primary role model of JD Sumner. Here is more info on The Rangers: The 'rough' singing style of the Rangers is not everyone's cup of tea, but I have always liked it. To bad the recording is of such poor quality. But, it is all we have. I do have some radio shows that sound better. Some of those will be put up in the future.

Denver Crumpler, the outstanding 'Irish' tenor, would go on to join the Statesmen quartet in 1953 and with his addition, the perfect quartet was formed...and would last...until his untimely death in 1957.


  1. The link for more info on the Rangers returns a page not found error. According to the Rangers recorded "In My Father's House" in "1953-1955" for release as a single on the International label. Do you have any further information about this recording? I have been unable to find anything at all either about it, or about the International label, though the number did appear on a 1963 LP compilation of earlier 78 rpm recordings.

  2. The same coupling as on the previously mentioned International label was also issued on the Rangers Record of the Month label: see