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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Don't Do The Dont's....Do The Do's!

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The Rebels Quartet from Tampa, Florida step up to the mic and tell us to Do The Do's in true gospel boogie fashion. This record is a late Bibletone release, most likely from 1959 or so. The Rebels were very prolific for the label, putting out 20+ records during the 50's. Sadly, the label folded soon after this release. Bibletone started as one of the first labels dedicated to religious music in about 1946, releasing collections of organ music and choirs. Then, in 1947-48, they started to release true 'gospel' music. Several groups, including personal favorites the Homeland Harmony Quartet and the Harmoneers released records during this early period. In addition, in the late 40's, there was some black gospel released on the label, but for most of the period, it was all white gospel quartets. As the 50's progressed, the releases became fewer and fewer. None the less, there were a handful of LP's that were put out in the late 50's. The numbering system used by the label, each artist getting their own series, can make dating a release difficult. This much you can label Bibletones are late 40's, yellow labels are the early 50's, RCA custom records are mid 50's (and of course, easily dated) and finally, Bibletone/G.B.S. records are late 50's. The label shut down around 1960 and sometime later, the main Bibletone offices/warehouses in New Jersey burned to the ground (under suspicious circumstances, or so I hear) and all paper records and masters were lost. 

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