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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Homeland Harmony Quartet Four Pack!


 Click above song titles to listen/download

Speaking of the Homeland Harmony Quartet on Bibletone, here we are! Released at the tail end of 1950, these two releases do a great job of summarizing the up-tempo, 'happy' sound that were trademarks of this quartet.  Based out of Atlanta, Georgia, the Homeland Harmony Quartet traveled throughout the southeast, performing at gospel sings, churches, schools and on the radio. Led by Conner Hall (Tenor), they always presented as a top flight, professional group. They are my favorite quartet of the 1945-1952 period.

Here is a review from Billboard magazine. Seems they feel the records have a 'riffy flavor' and that the market for these records are 'farm parlors'. Well, there you go....

Here are some odds and ends from around the time these records were recorded and released, including a picture of the LeFevre Trio in one of the ads. Yes, I will posting some records from them in the future.......


  1. Thanks for sharing! Our son-in-law ran across this blog and I was so happy to get these downloads. We have bought a few LP but have no way to play them, so it was great to get the downloads of some of my father -in-law's music that we did not have.
    Mary Ann McCoy (daughter-in-law of James McCoy, Homeland Harmony)

    1. Thank you for visiting! I am a big fan of the Homeland Harmony Quartet and James McCoy. I am happy you got to hear some new songs. I hope to add more in the future.....