So, what is My Kind Of Gospel?

An exploration of uptempo gospel music : 1945-1965

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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It is because of records like this that I was driven to set up a page like the one you are reading. This LP comes from Southern West Virgina, a real hotbed of wonderful country gospel singing. This is a real 'down home' production. The LP jacket consists of construction paper, with single color printing, that was assembled with masking tape. This LP, as well as several other records, were obtained from Mr. Hannah himself. He is seen in the photo above, bottom right. He worked as a coal miner and sang bass with various musical groups, putting out several records over the years. He and his wonderful family were wonderful to speak with. Sadly, Mr. Hannah passed away in 1997, at the age of 80.

The LP has a total of 12 songs in the bluegrass style. Mr. Hannah did not recall they year of the recordings, but based on the photo, I would guess late 1960's. I have chosen the three most uptempo selections for this site. This music is heartfelt and pure. Thank you Mr. Hannah and the Hannah Family!

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