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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Quartet With Guitar

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The Trinity Four Quartet out of Henlawson, West Virgina. Let me just say, if you want great country gospel, West Virginia is the place to look. So many fantastic records. Thanks to it being a RCA custom pressing, we can date the record to 1961. It sounds like something from the late 40's to early 50's and reminds me of the black jubilee style singing of that era. This quartet included Lou Darmran (lead), Effie Manard (alto), Bernard Manard (tenor) and Ken Willcox (bass). The record number, TF-3415, gave me some hope that there were many more records from this quartet, but I am told that they only released two 45's with a total pressing for each being 50-100. I love the energy and I love the song. The flip side is a cover of the gospel standard, "On The Wings Of A Dove". It is records like this that make it all worthwhile.....

Here is a brief note about a show they played in 1959.

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