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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gospel Boogie

Gospel Boogie
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Well, here it first post. Seems a bit obvious, if not a bit predictable, to post the song that is the namesake of the site. Gospel Boogie was something of a sensation at the time. Written by Lee Roy Abernathy and recorded by the Homeland Harmony Quartet in 1947, it was a hit! 

Another take, or perhaps a recording from a different session, was leased and released by King records in 1948. The song went on to be recorded by many gospel performers, white and black, sometimes under it's other title, "Everybody's Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There". The White Church label put out a fair number of records, some of which I am sure will turn up on this blog. The label itself seemed to last from 1947 to about 1950, if that long. This record, as well as some others from the label, including records by the Blackwood Brothers Quartet, are not all that rare and would seem to imply that sales were respectable. As for the Homeland Harmony Quartet, they were one of the major gospel quartets of the late 40's early 50's. There will be much more from this group in the future as they are a personal favorite.


  1. THis 78 was then issued on the King label--in it's blue label RACE series # 4223

  2. You are correct. And to my ears, King used a different take then that used on the White Church release.

    1. I don't think so. I have listened to both versions.
      They used the same recording, but is was pitched down a bit.

      Joop greets

    2. That would seem to make the most sense. I will have to listen again....Thank you for stopping by!