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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Here is a fine record by the Corinthian Singers, better known as the Progressive Four. It was released on the Savoy label in 1948/1949. It is one of the first gospel records released on Savoy, a label known for its fine gospel selections over many years. The Progressive Four (Corinthian Singers) have a long history. Rather then re-write what others have done, check out this page with more information about this group: Marv Goldbergs R&B Notebook. 

According to the Gospel Discography, the Progressive Four started recording for the DC label in 1949. The ad from Billboard, noted top left, would tweak that date just a bit. It references record 8057 in 1948, and that was actually their fifth release on the label. To the right, you see the record I posted as listed for sale in early 1949, along with that of a group that is a personal favorite, the Blue Ridge Quartet.....a record I don't have by the way and from what I can tell, their first release. So if anyone has one lying around....... 

But, that is of small matter. What counts is the music and this is a great one. It came from a bunch of original store stock records that I acquired from the cellars under King's Record Shop in Louisville Kentucky. It was was was damp....and there were boxes and boxes of never played 78's. It was a good day!

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