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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Off to Ohio for some stipped down gospel....

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Here is another country gospel record that is both raw and heartfelt. From Columbus, Ohio, it is The Glorybound Singers. The liner notes state the group was formed in November, 1974. I am guessing that the LP was recorded in 1975. Yes, this is outside my self imposed time frame for music on this site (once again), but the spirit of the recording and performance places it firmly in the preceding decades. It will not be the last time I post something that is 'new', yet very very old...... 

The record lists the following personal: David Copley (lead singer and guitar), Louise Copley, wife of David (singer and bass), Andy Copley, twin brother to David (singer and guitar), Glacel Perry (bass singer), Carl Gray (tenor singer) and Tennis Hensley (lead guitar). Not much, outside of the info provided on the record jacket, is known about the group. I just find it another compelling country gospel record that was recorded in the age of disco but is clearly from another time. Thank goodness for that.....


  1. just wanted to let you know that glacel perry is my dad... he passed away in 2007. andy,david and carl[bill] gray has also passed away.

    1. I am very sorry to hear the news..... I really enjoy this LP and would love to know more about the group, their other recordings and anything else you might be able to add. It seems that the only surviving member is Mrs. Louise Copley.....very sad. Well, for what it is worth, this LP lives on.....and is appreciated!

    2. Carl gray has not passed..i know him well..just seen him several days ago..he is 84 years old

  2. James, is there any chance you'd upload the rest of the LP? Good stuff. I'm gonna put it on the radio. Thanks.