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Monday, July 2, 2012

We are marching up to Zion....

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Well, when they talk about a group being a 'Church Wrecker', this is what they had in mind. On November 19th 1953, the Happyland Singers (much better known as the Five Blind Boys of Alabama) walked into the recording studio and laid down five songs. This was the last song of the session and what a burner it was.  Lead singer Clarence Fountain tears it up as the group works itself into a trance like rhythm. Imagine what this would have been like live! The group started recording in 1948 but some would say they really hit their stride when the signed to the Specialty label in 1952.

Here is what Billboard magazine, February 20th, 1954, had to say about the record:

One of their best efforts indeed.......

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  1. Soul ripping just a shouting music wonderful