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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Statesmen Quartet - About as good as it gets.....

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Here they are, from Atlanta Georgia...the Statesmen Quartet! This quartet is the best of the best. This particular song comes from their 1959 LP on Skylite, Get Away Jordan. This is their second LP on the Skylite label, a joint business between themselves and the Blackwood Brothers Quartet. They were on the RCA label at this time, but apparently had a deal where they could re-record songs and put them out on this label. I don't really understand how that all worked, but it did, for both them and the Blackwoods. There will be plenty of Statesmen posted on this site so be prepared. This song is actually tame, but a good one from a somewhat uncommon release. They originally recorded this song two times before, once on their own private label in the very late 1940's and again on Capitol in '50-'51. 

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