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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Southern California checking in.....

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And here I am complaining about there being a lack of decent gospel here in Southern California. What the heck is this? Coming to you from Lake Elsinore California, it is Roy and Georgia...and the So and So's. And to think, I found this at a radio station. This record at least had the possibility of being on the air. What a different, cool, joyous world that was. It boggles the mind. All that it is missing, in my opinion, is a guitar break...but other then that, it sounds like a hit to me. I have one other record on the label and it is nothing like this. The flip side "Looking Up" has the same sort of guitar sound but does not quite capture all the swampy, reverb oddness that the A side brings to the table. Not sure the date. There is a zip code listed, so late 60's is a good guess. Good job Roy, Georgia......and the So and So's.


  1. Good work James. This is great!

    DJ Dod

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are enjoying the music...